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F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pro Style App?


Pro Style App is the all-inclusive mobile communication platform that allows merchants to connect with their customers to grow their business like never before.
Your Pro Style App allows you to communicate direct with your customers through creative push notifications. Special Offers, Events and Electronic Loyalty Punch Cards. Booking programs, Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and more.


Is there a demo app we can download and try out?


Yes! we have a demo app. Please click here or visit your app store and search "Island Tans Tanning App"


How do I succeed with my Pro Style App?

YES! The best way to ensure you're growing your business with your app is to:

-Let Us Design your app: We build your app so it looks fantastic on your customer's phones. With your input of course!

-Be found in the app stores: We will submit your app to Apple and Google with your company name on it.

-Get Users and Keep User: Give a FREE sample to invite users to download your app. Then give your users a small discount going forward. Have your clients show your app each time they buy.
-Add Value to your app: Fill your newly designed app with great offers for your customers so everyone wants to participate.
-Engage: Send special offers/invites to all your users via push notifications.
-Analytics: View app opens, phones calls 
through your app to your store, total downloads and referrals.



Is there a Contract?, Early Termination Fees?


We offer 1 year and 2-year agreements. Early termination fee is $250.



How Long Does It Take To Create My App?


Creating your app can take up to 5 to 10 business days. We can always add and remove items from your app later on.

Submissions to the Apple Store and Google Play could take only 5 to 10 business days for approval with each company.


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